Innovative Technologies from Novosibirsk Region (Russia) were Presented at Manufacturing Indonesia 2015

manufacturing 2015 ite siberia

Several companies from Novosibirsk region (Russia) presented their innovative technologies at collective stand in Jakarta, Indonesia. The companies were exhibiting with the financial support from the local government. Their partaking was organised with help of ITE Siberia under the project which helps small- and medium-sized companies from Novosibirsk region promote its innovative products abroad. This project has been successfully operating for several years.

Novosibirsk is considered to be the largest in transit logistics centers of the eastern part of Russia due to its air, water, road, and rail facilities. Novosibirsk is 3 191 km from Moscow, it is the capital of the region and the Siberian Federal District. Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences presents tens of research institutions and higher education establishments providing the unique platform for research-and-development applications and high technologies’ investigation. Novosibirsk is independent of any raw material industries or township-forming enterprises, and that contributes the city’s industry to be evenly developed.

Population: Novosibirsk region – 2 731 176 people, incl. Novosibirsk – 1 547 910 people

Area: Novosibirsk region – 178 200 sq. km, incl. Novosibirsk – 505,62 sq. km

GRP: Novosibirsk region – 726 220 mln rubles, incl. Novosibirsk – 411 589 mln rubles

Entrepreneurship is well developed in Novosibirsk region. A large number of small- and medium-sized companies operate there. Many of them have wide experience in partnership with foreign companies, what helps build strong bilateral relations.


The following companies presented its products and technologies at Manufacturing Indonesia 2015:

  1. PlazmaTeh: the company presented plasma coating technology – the process of coating with the help of plasma stream. The coating material is transferred to a high temperature plasma stream, which is heating, melting and is directed to a base. At a collision and deformation there is interaction of particles with the surface of a base or coating material. Plasma coating is one of gas-thermal methods of coating.

Contacts: LLC “Plazmateh”, Russia, 630073, Novosibirsk, 20 Karl Marx Ave.

tel.: +7 (383) 346-17-97, email: [email protected]

  1. Granch: the company presented manufacturing systems of complex safety and mining automation. They are the most up-to-date means of underground communications, safety, and technology automation. System continuously monitors exact location and condition of underground workers and equipment. This technology is also so-called as “underground GPS”. The system provides full-featured digital communication at each point of underground space. It monitors each underground object both human and machine, and reports about their condition and location in the underground space.

Contacts: Granch Ltd., Russia, 630015, Novosibirsk, 40 Korolyov St., building 1

tel.: +7 (383) 2333-512, email: [email protected], website:

  1. Motoresurs: the company presented the new technologies for long lasting durability of units and car aggregates. Among their products are the protective-reconstructive composition for an engine, the protective-reconstructive composition for reducers and mechanical gearboxes, the protective-reconstructive composition for automatic gearboxes, the composition for piston rings cleaning “The titan cleaning”, the soft washing of the engine oiling system, quick washing of an engine online system, soft washing of the petrol engine fuel system, soft washing of a diesel engine fuel system, soft washing of the refrigerating system, the fuel activator, and the reconstructive complex “4 in 1”.

Contacts: Motoresurs, Russia, Novosibirsk, 35 Sukharnaya st.

tel.: +7-913-918-56-88, +7-913-717-75-75, email: [email protected],


  1. Siberian Water Technologies, LLC: the company presented innovative wastewater treatment system based on hybrid technology. This technology combines biological and physic-chemical treatment processes. It allows to optimize the processing of each type of waste in depend on its composition. The good result is achieved by combination of mass product devices as well as non standard solution. The company manufactures a wide range of ozonators for purification of water and air. Ozonators may be useful in disinfection. In water purification it can be used in deferrization, oxidation of organic pollutants, removal of humates and many others. In air it can be used for removal of odors, for sterilization in food production and for making of ozonated water for wash.

Contacts: Siberian Water Technologies, LLC, Russia, Novosibirsk.

tel.: +7 (383) 375-32-20, +7-913-775-96-86, email: [email protected],


5. VEDAGENT: the company presented a complete service package in foreign                               economic activity of Russian companies by delivering their goods worldwide on a                       house/house basis. The company’s services include different types transportation,                    customs clearance, Foreign economic activity outsourcing, Foreign    economic                          activity consulting, Certification of goods, Insurance of cargo, Consignee services,                    and a “Turnkey” import from China.

Contacts: VEDAGENT, Ploschad Marksa 7, Suite 10 08, 630048, Novosibirsk, Russia

tel.: +7 (383) 3 284 384, email: [email protected], [email protected]u


  1. Soft Lab – NSK: the company presented the hardware and software complex for TV automation. Among their products there are Forward T, Forward TS, SLIngest, Forward Goalkeeper, Focus, AllMix, and others. More than thousands of different Russian companies use Soft Lab-NSK technologies. Their production is also in great demand abroad – in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Lithuania, Brazil, and other countries.

Contacts: Soft Lab – NSK, tel.: +7 (383) 333-10-67, email: [email protected], website:

  1. Admiral: the company presented their transport and logistics services. The main value the company creates for their clients is the ability to solve their problems in the field of transport logistics comprehensively and effectively. The company organizes international and domestic multimodal container transportation services using combinations of road, sea, river, railway and air transport; has full control over all stages and processes involved in the delivery of goods; enforces orders with exceptional clarity, reliability and safety.

Contacts: Admiral, office #401, 242 Frunze st., Novosibirsk, Russia, 630112

tel.: +7 (383) 319-07-71, email: [email protected], website:

In conclusion, the Novosibirsk region companies were highly satisfied with the exhibition results. The companies noted the high level of interest to their production among the visitors. The representatives say they hope to establish long-term and fruitful cooperation with local companies and would be glad to welcome new business partners from Indonesia.

For more details, please, contact a responsible manager:

Ms. Svetlana Verbitskaya, International Projects Manager

ITE Siberia

Tel: +7 (383) 363-00-63 (ext.288)

E-mail: [email protected]


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